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CS&T Inc. Logo Our Mission: First Time, Every Time Computer Technical and Training Services. Since 1995, Home or Business, small or large we can provide virtually any service you may need and if we can't we can recommend someone who can.

About CS&T Inc.

CS&T started out as a Local Computer Services Provider in 1987 primarily through word of mouth advertising and the lack of any local computer talent. Over the years we incorporated CS&T and expanded our services with high performance Internet Access, Web and E-Mail hosting while maintaining Service and Sales of custom High Performance Computer systems for both business and personal.

CS&T owns the Internet Domain  We bought out 2 local hobbyists in 1996/2000 who were failing with keeping their Internet Service running and expanded those services, providing the first High Speed Wifi Networks in our area and soon thereafter DSL. Our WIFI network provided wireless service for Diamondville, Frontier, Kemmerer, Urie, Mountain View, Lyman and surrounding areas. Our DSL Services cover 14 states carried over Mammoth Network out of Casper Wy. The local hobbyists soon realized their mistake and  also started reselling Wifi.  With our small population and the increased number of home Wifi networks we decided to get out of Wifi and sold our networks to another established, professional company.

Computer Services and Training, Inc. is located in Diamondville, Wyoming. For those of you unfamiliar with our locale, the name "" comes from the Hamsfork River which winds through our valley binding our communities.

We provide computer services from Evanston to Pinedale Wyoming, installing and maintaining many homes, SOHO's, small business'  government and medical facilities. Our service philosophy is that if your servers and systems are maintained properly a small business network can operate efficiently without expensive full time IT staff. You are welcome to ask our clients about their IT expenses and operational uptime.

President is Kevin Kershner.
Office Manager Lisa Bradbury Kershner
Technician Brett Kershner

Kevin maintains and admins the domain systems as well as consult, train and perform field service. 
Lisa manages General Operations, Scheduling and Billing.
Brett lives in Big Piney Wyo., closer to our clients to the north performing field service and currently admins two health care facilities in that area.

A Little of Our History

The system was purchased from a local competitor in June 1996. It consisted of a used terminal server, router and an old 486 Linux box running www, ftp, dns and mail serving about 90 customers via 8, 28.8 Kbps modems through a single 56.7 Kbps Frame Relay. The system was immediately upgraded to utilize 2, 56.7 Kbps Frame Relay lines and 33.6 Kbps dial in modems to provide higher speed for our customers. The entire system was relocated to a more secure location with improved phone line access. The domain name was changed to to provide a more community oriented name. Several hardware upgrades were implemented over the next year to accommodate the rapidly increasing customer base. New, more powerful servers were added and high density Remote Access Servers with internal modems eliminated the near constant trouble we had with the external modems. The dynamic DNS and Multiport PPP capability of the RAS were welcome enhancements which greatly simplified customer configuration and allows enhanced client speed though MPPP.

On 10/1/98 we converted from the terrestrial 56.7 Kbps land lines of US West to a wireless satellite based system. Provided by Intellicom Inc. The T1+ System consisted of a two-way, asynchronous Satellite ground station which provided 2 Mbps download speed. Intellicom proved to be an Excellent business associate, their VSAT system was quite fast and reliable as well as being very cost effective.

On 3/15/00 we installed The Hambone, our Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), to provide High Speed Access for home and business. The WLAN bypasses the troublesome and expensive Local Qwest Central Office to provide an Ethernet Speed (11Mbps) backbone without use of telephone lines.

On 3/25/00 we shutdown the VSAT T1+ System and cut over to a Terrestrial T1 (1.544 Mbps) provided by Sprint. The Latency of the VSAT system was just too high as compared to the now affordable T1.

The system was purchased from a local competitor on 11/1/2000. supports about 250 dialup and wireless clients. We operated in Bridger Valley with Brett as Service Tech there until 11/1/2012 when we sold the domain to NGC Communications out of Evanston and moved Brett to Big Piney Wy.

On 4/1/2001 we signed on Bridger Valley Electric Association, an ISP in Bridger Valley as a client and supported both and data services through the Urie POP for about 1 year. On 8/31/2002 BVEA decided to try it on their own.

On 7/22/2001 we were selected and signed on as an Affiliate of US Online, The Nations Largest Network of Local Internet Service Providers. US Online offered National and Local Advertising, Nationwide Roaming, E-Mail Filtering and a number of other Portal Services which are sure to be invaluable to our clients.  On 6/1/2005 we discontinued utilizing the services of US Online.  They seemed to have gotten away from their core business and were trying to expand with some get rich quick scheme.  This caused their web site to suffer, support was getting poorer and uptime was dropping.  We set up a new site here locally and ceased the redirect.

On 8/1/2004 we brought DSL Services into our area.  After waiting several years for Qwest to update the Central Office in Kemmerer and finally after several months of delay past the original due date DSL had arrived.  We currently can provide DSL Service in 7 states here in the west.

Sometime around 08/2015 Century Link (who bought out QWest) cut off our ability to resell DSL.  They didn't inform us of this until we started having so many client issues that we had to find an employee who was an American, working in The US,  who could tell us what was going on.  They wouldn't tell us much except that we (or anyone else) could no longer resell their service.  We loose the clients they slam and can't transfer them back so we can't grow that business any further, of course we still maintain and assist many clients on the system under a "grandfather clause" (I suppose, they wouldn't tell us about that either).

On 8/252015  we transferred the last of our customers off of the WLAN and onto Century Link and shut down The Hamsfork Wifi Network.  There are so many local wifi systems (short range home wifi). and hobbyists trying to resell their home DSL that the WLAN business became non profitable.

On 01/18/2016 we became a Union Wireless Authorized Agent.  The previous agent retired and we inherited the Agency from them to continue Local Community Support as there is no other Agent for about 50 miles.

Currently our focus is on Small Business and Local Home Services.  We maintain many local business', 2 Medical Clinics, and innumerable Home systems, mostly through our ability to remote maintain.  Brett serves the 2 Clinics in Sublette County full time.

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Basic Service Rates

We do maintenance and support by remote control for your convenience. If necessary we may require the system to be brought to our shop (in house).  Onsite, Server and MultiUser environments billed at standard hourly rate only.

$69 Routine Maintenance
Our Comprehensive Routine Maintenance we recommend for every computer. We perform this Maintenance Remotely but you are certainly welcome to bring your device to us. We recommend this maintenance 2/yr PC, 4x/yr Server. Takes 2-4 hours usually.

$169 System Reinstall
Backup your data, perform a factory restore or OEM install, install all updates and software, restore data.  Some options may not be possible.

$69 Data Backup/Restore
Create System Restore Disks or basic
Backup of your personal data to CD, DVD or Flash Media (if <4GB).  We can usually recover data from failed system as well.

$39 Software Install
Software install 1 package per workstation.

$39 Hardware Install
Hardware install 1 item per workstation.

Our Standard Rate for remote or onsite Service, single or multiuser environment.  Overtime or weekend at standard 1.5x rate.

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